6. What If…

“What if…” the question that experiments enabled science to ask and spreadsheets enabled business to ask, can now become the question every student can ask. Learning can now be joined to creativity. Our kids can view learning as a creative experience in the fullest sense of those words, to enable them to thrive in this new digital age.


Chapter 6. Explorations

Small Changes

Small changes, seemingly inconsequential acts, can have momentous repercussions. Dead birds set off the environmental movement. An assassin’s bullet protesting an exhausted empire started a… Read more

The Magic Wand

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“Algebra before Acne”

As I was again reading the Common Core Standards, I was struck by their introduction of variables in grade 6. Jim, I could not help… Read more

Minkowski’s Connections

I still feel it months later, the thrill and awe I knew from finding an answer to a question I have long been troubled by.… Read more

Learning to Swim

The University of Chicago is not known for its athletics, so when I entered it as a first-year student I was very surprised that I… Read more


Teaching done right has always been a hard job, but it is now substantially harder. Talk to any teacher and they will tell you that… Read more

The Los Alamos Primer

Or how to build an atomic bomb. One of the best curriculum ideas I ever had was to use this book as the text for… Read more